Benjamin Parth’s Breakfast Poem

Organic eggs, prime salmon,
Baker’s bread – made with passion,
Jams cooked by us with heart,
Milk straight from the farm

Scrambled eggs, caviar,
muesli choice, spectacular,
the finest ham and the best Wurst,
fruit juice, not just to quench thirst,
it gives you strength and a little boost
just like the local vegetable juice

And then there’s the whole Serrano ham
sure to make the taste buds dance,
what’s more, there’s Huber’s range of cheese,
oysters, you’d expect right by the sea
home-made croissants, bread and cakes…
A breakfast perfect for everyone’s tastes!

“Breakfast in our house is culinary poetry with which you can figure out the next day early in the morning.”

B. Parth

In a nutshell: We offer various types of bread and bread rolls, fresh regional and exotic fruits, caviar, freshly-prepared egg dishes, numerous juices as well as cakes and croissants each day. Good Morning!

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