Bar Allegra

The American Bar in Ischgl | Steaks – Pasta – Burger – Cocktails | opened daily from 4 pm during the winter season

American Bar Allegra in the Hotel YSCLA is a culinary hotspot in the centre of Ischgl and attracts holiday visitors and locals alike. The menu for the winter season includes juicy steaks, burgers, fresh salads and the finest pasta, served between 4 p.m. and 1 a.m., and until 6 p.m. you also get to enjoy ‘Pasta Happy Hour’.


In this bar in Ischgl you feel as though you are transported back to the golden era of the 1950s. In the style of an American Diner, it has red upholstered seats, American car number plates, pictures of film stars from a bygone era and cult posters. Coupled with imaginative cocktails, a variety-packed menu and music befitting the ambience, what results is a special Allegra ambience, one which you couldn’t imagine not being a part of night life in Ischgl.


The lifestyle metropolis of Ischgl is well-known for its après-ski parties. For those of you who get hungry before, during or after going out in Ischgl, Bar Allegra is the very place to be. Pasta Happy Hour in the Allegra provides just the right fuel to keep you going – daily until 6 p.m. Those who want something a bit heartier might prefer a juicy steak, which come in various sizes, Allegra’s baked potatoes or original burgers, mixed with the finest cocktails, until 1 a.m. during the winter season.


Thanks to this special gastronomic concept and American style, Bar Allegra is a popular meeting point for guests staying in YSCLA, for locals and holiday visitors in Ischgl. Drop by next time you are visiting Ischgl, the Allegra team look forward to welcoming you!

Allegra menu
clear soup with cheese dumpling6,- €
crème of tomatoes6,- €
“Allegra” starter

prosciutto with parmesan and olives

12,- €
Carpaccio of beef

rocket and parmesan

16,- €
Mixed lettuce salad8,- €
big spicy salad

sliced beef, paprika and onions

18,- €
Prawn salad

with prawns grilled in garlic butter and sesame dressing

20,- €
Field salad

with roasted bacon, potatoes

11,- €
Salad „Florida“

roasted turkey with pine apple

16,- €
Tomato-Mozzarella salad11,- €
Lasagne "Bolognese"

with beef overbaked in the oven

12,- €
Spaghetti or Penne

with salmon, tomato, basil
with pfefferoni, bacon, hot
with bolognese
with carbonara
with gorgonzola and spinach-cream-sauce
with tomato-olive sauce

12,- €
12,- €
12,- €
12,- €
12,- €
12,- €

in olive oil and garlic butter roasted prawns with garlic bread

28,- €
Jacket potato „Mario“

with roasted filet of beef and sour cream

18,- €
Jacket potato Vital

over baked with cheese - vegetables

15,- €
Allegra Burger

beef with bacon, salad, cheese, tomato with French fries

15,- €
Chicken Burger

salad, cheese, tomato with French fries

15,- €
Pulled Pork

in burger bread with Coleslaw & French fries

15,- €
Steaktoast (150g)

filet of beef, cocktail sauce and French fries

26,- €
Vital Plate

fried Entrecote on fresh lettuce salad with garlic bread, herb butter

26,- €
Pork Chop

with Metaxa sauce and jacket potato

28,- €
„Allegra“ Grillteller

juicy filet of pork and beef with French fries, herb butter

30,- €
Filetsteak (220g)

Jacket potato, vegetables and herbal butter

33,- €
Pepper steak (220g)

Jacket potato, pepper sauce

33,- €
Filetsteak Barbecue (220g)

French fries and Jack Daniels-Barbecue sauce

33,- €
Allegra Gentleman Steak (420g)

one starter and one sauce of your choice

69,- €
Pulled Pork

in burger bread with Coleslaw & French fries

15,- €
Allegra’s Ribeye (300g)

with jacket potato and pepper sauce

33,- €
Surf & Turf

Filet with prawns and garlic bread, herb butter

48,- €
Tiramisu7,- €
Chocolate brownie

with vanilla ice cream

7,- €
Apple strudel

with vanilla ice cream

7,- €

Pasta Happy Hour (16:00 – 18:00)
all Pasta = 8,00€
every day open from (16:00 – 01:00)
Our beef comes to 100% from Austria