“Church of Iron”- state-of-the-art fitness tools to meet the highest standards

At the Hotel Yscla, we also offer a state-of-the-art gym for all guests who not only have high demands in culinary terms, but who also don’t want to miss their workout after indulgence and culinary delights. From the cross trainer to the weights bench: Brand new fitness equipment by the premium brand Technogym is available. Each day, from morning to evening, the “Church of Iron” at the Yscla is open, as it’s not only the culinary delights that we want to offer our guest, but also all-inclusive well-being for the body and mind.

The following workout equipment is available


Enjoy complete freedom of movement. VARIO follows your stride and automatically adjusts to your movement pattern. It’s adaptable, soft movements provides your workout with versatility and efficiency.


SKILLROW™ is the first fully networked Indoor rowing machine, that trains both endurance and strength at a top athlete level, thanks to its sport-specific construction, its exclusive technology and results-oriented training sessions.


Kinesis® Personal is the ultimate designer workout equipment for at home and in the gym. With this equipment, you can rediscover power, coordination, mobility, posture and breathing control.

Rack Personal

The Rack Personal provides maximum safety, thanks to the innovative smart lock and precision glide systems, which allows user-friendly locking of the weights to the supports and a soft and smooth sliding movement of the safety bar.
Including an ergonomic, chromed steel bar with multiple handles for pull ups.


If you would like to complete moderate cardio training, but need additional comfort, Excite® Recline is an ideal cycling experience for you.


A multi-functional workout bench is the perfect weight training solution, to get into shape in a confined space. But if you want to highlight the advantages of your rooms, you need a lot more: high-quality materials, professional workmanship and an elegant design. Unica offers exactly that.

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